Oil Skimmer is a machine that separates liquid from floating particles on it or from another liquid. We are Suppliers of Different Types of Oil Skimmer Machines, removing oil floating on water is a common application of oil skimmer machine. These technologies are found in industrial applications such as removing oil from machine tool coolant and removing oil from aqueous parts washers.

Belt Oil Skimmer

Belt oil skimmer are widely used for waste water or ETP application

Oil Removal Rate

  • Belt Width 65mm (18-25 LPH)
  • Belt Width 100mm (30-35 LPH)
  • Belt Width 200mm (50-60 LPH)

Steel Belt Oil Skimmer

Steel belt oil skimmer (50mm width) oil skimmer with decanter tray system suitable for coolant tank and hot liquid applications like degreasing tanks, washing machines.

With Decanter Tray System again the collected oil and liquid or coolant is separated to get pure oil at the outlet. Liquid or coolant is returned back to the tank automatically.

Removal Rate

  • Belt Width 50mm ( 0.5 LPH in Hot Liquids / 5-6 LPH in Coolants)
  • Belt Width 82mm (1.0 LPH in Hot Liquids / 9-10 LPH in Coolants)

Disc Oil Skimmer

Designed by using Steel Discs, separate Oil from the collected Skimmed Oil and water / coolant etc.

  • Disc Oil Skimmer. (Steel MOC Disc)
  • Disc Dia 320 mm(Depth 90mm)
  • Disc Dia 420 mm(Depth 130mm)
  • SPLIT Disc Dia 420 mm(Depth 220mm)

Tube Oil Skimmer

Tube Type Oil Skimmer used and designed for the removal of free floating oils from the surface of water in a sump. The basic advantage in using Tube type oil skimmer is that the tube floats on the water and thus more free floating oil sticks to the tube and thus it is more efficient.