Changing Climate Conditions due to Global Warming .weather is getting extreme and severely effecting life on earth. Different Industrial work place or Social gathering Places needs to retain comfort. The Challenge to improve environment of such places at affordable cost derived unique products like ' Movicool & PAC20'.

Movable Evaporative Air Coolers are about 30 year’s old concept. Cooling Tower working principle or technique is improved to lower temperature by water evaporation & heat absorption through cooling pads , Temperature are reduced by 7 10 c from natural weather temperature and improves Oxygen levels. Due to simple principles & designs, cost of reducing temperature is very low compared to refrigeration gas based technique. It gives best result in all terms.

We are Authorised Dealer for Symphony Limited in Jamhsedpur

Symphony Model
  • Movicool XL (100L)
  • Movicool Double Decker (125L)
  • Industrial Duct Air Cooler for Industries
  • Industrial Duct Air Cooler for Office
  • Movicool XL (200L)